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6 questions to reflect on. Every evening. Forever and ever.

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I have a nightly ritual of reflection. 6 questions. About 30 minutes. Every evening. Insights, observations, revelations, great.full.ness lists + loving kindness. In my soft, purple journal. It’s one of my favourite parts of the day. It also keeps my head clear and my heart open, (probably exactly why it’s my favourite part of the day). A while back, I wrote about what happens when I skip it ‘cos I’m not feelin’ it on my Facebook page:

“[…] but tonight, I wasn’t feeling it. My mind’s been buzzing of late; turning over questions, burning the strategic wheels. I just wanted to curl up with The Cat, the tea and the something sweet. You know, shelve the inner work shit for one night. But then I remembered how badly I sleep, how cranky I am the next day, how distracted and off centre I feel when I don’t tune in. So I sat my ass at the table and I tuned in. Some pretty potent clarity bubbled up about a lotta stuff. And there’s a quiet inside that I didn’t realise I’d been craving until I got quiet. Mind, cooled. A-ha’s, got ’em. Gratitude and nourishment, overflowing.”

It hit me: This ritual is BIG, like, game-changing BIG, life-changing BIG, sanity and spirit-realigning BIG. It’s absolutely essential for having a really, really good day. And I needed to share it. I’ve been honing and refining it as I go, and this is where it’s at right now:


The benefits…

You’ll feel good. You’ll breathe easier. You’ll sleep better. You’ll feel so full of fulfillment. There will be a stillness about you that can only come from a quiet mind and an open heart (you’ll have both). You’ll be lighter and happier and infinitely more patient and present with yourself and the precious people with whom you share a life or an office or public spaces. Did I say you’ll feel good? So so so good. When you get into the practice of this nightly reflection, you’ll walk through your day looking for those specific feel-good moments and experiences to recount and write down later. And you’ll find ‘em. Because, you know, where intention goes, energy flows. And like that, you will begin to see the brightness and the miraculous everywhere, and you’ll start saying yes to experiences that cultivate more light and more miracles. And that‘s a pretty fucking ah-MAZ-ing way to do the day-to-day.

The questions…

01. What nourished you? As in, made you feel whole and good and full of your truth.

02. What lit you up? As in, inspired you, moved you, put you in touch with a deeper sense of your worth.

03. What kindness did you extend to yourself and to others? This is especially useful if you’re really good at treating yourself badly. It usually extends outward, so when you’re kind to you, you’re more likely to radiate kindness.

04. What do you appreciate and/or want to acknowledge about yourself? I think self-validation elevates the planet. All that positive self-talk infuses the atmosphere with light, bright vibes. And everything and everyone around us takes that goodness into their lungs or their cells or their molecular makeup. Planet, elevated.

05. What did you observe or realise? About you. About your thoughts or behaviours or reactions or interactions.

Self-awareness leads to liberation. Twitter Bird Icon: Neshika's Tweetable

06. What’s on your great.full.ness list? Gratitude. Appreciation. A big, full-hearted thank you note to Life for anything and everything you want to say thank you for. (I have four volumes of inspiration to get you going: Vol 1. Vol 2. Vol 3. Vol 4.

Ask them daily, ideally the last thing you do before lights out. Get quiet – turn off the TV, get off Facebook, put down your phone – and tune IN.

The answers (and the peace) surface in the stillness. Tune in. Switch off. Sleep well.

Repeat the next day. Every day. Forever and ever.

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