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I’m all for authentic self-expression. As in, knowing who you are, owning who you are and being who you are, unapologetically.

I have an ongoing love affair with language, great shoes and great conversation. Some of my best conversations of all time have been with my cat. I seek out people who shake up my potentiality and I seek stillness to find my centre. I talk to my myself out loud… a lot. I sing out loud too… off pitch and all out, all the way. I’m big on kindness and generosity – I’m a giver – I give my attention, I give insight and I give the most ah-maz-ing hugs. If I ever started a cult (never gonna happen, but if it did) it would be in the name of Gratitude. I’m inquisitive, easily delighted and deeply empathic. I look for the light and the magic in most things. If you’re meeting me for the first time, follow the distinct sound of my laugh – it often precedes me. I’ve been called elegant, effervescent and quietly fiery.

I believe that life supports us all and that we have to go out and meet it halfway. I think the world could do with less conformity and much, much more encouragement to go after what we truly want.

Professionally-speaking, I was once in the business of making ads and building brands. I had a wake-up call, traded stability for sovereignty, broke down, broke through, made money, lost money, and went on to start a digital agency before I realised I was more interested in fulfillment than achievement. Now, I write and speak about (and encourage you to do) what it takes to be yourself, feel fulfilled, and create meaningful work.


a note about my words & work

I write for love. I write with love. I write to love. My writing is all heart and part personal experience, part practical philosophy. My recommendation when reading: don’t take my advice – not at face value. You should never take advice from anyone. You are the expert on you. Make up your own mind. Keep it open, of course. Resonate with what resonates. Work with what works. For you. As for the rest, it’ll find someone else to vibe with. No hard feelings. Oh, and when sharing or quoting what you find here, always credit the source. Good karma, y’know.

praise & appreciation

a jones

Hire her! She is brilliant! I was lucky enough to work with Neshika and she had a profound effect in my life. There’s something about her calm insights, her quiet strength and her smiling inspiration, which makes her an extraordinary partner to work with. Neshika has a rare talent which will help you achieve your dreams. Enjoy the ride.

Angel Jones | HomecomingRevolution.co.za

j bhima

Short of being given your dreams on a silver platter, Neshika is the next best option. She has the ability to translate visions into actions, thoughts into processes, dreams into reality. I recommend her to anyone and everyone. Dream Big. Live Big.

Jatheen Bhima | Attorney


Fresh ideas for feeling lighter, freer, and more fulfilled
in heart, body and business.

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