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NESHIKA BELL is the creator of Breathe – a guide to preparing for what you really want. – a multimedia program that has been praised for “bringing sexy back to spirituality.” A quietly fiery speaker, a writer, a painter, a coach, a self-care maven (and a former brand communications specialist), Neshika is here to help you cultivate the courage and devotion to be yourself, and build a deeply nourishing and fulfilling life, on your terms.

She offers weekly encouragement and loving kicks up the ass at, where she’s been told that her words “are like drinking a rainbow.”

She is also one half of Anushka + Neshika, a badass duo dedicated to helping super-busy superwomen make time for simple, soulful self-care.

Ultimately, her work will inspire you to create wide open space for fulfillment. Her philosophy is simple: “Know yourself. Be yourself. Express yourself. Respect yourself.” In her own words: “I just want you to love yourself enough to give a shit about what you fill your heart, your body, your business, your space… your life with.” Her clients call her “a spark that ignites a fire in your mind” with “the ability to translate vision into action and dreams into reality.” Her most precious people call her Cheeky. She always calls on kindness first.

If you’re meeting Neshika for the first time in a crowded space, follow the distinct sound of her uninhibited laugh – it often precedes her.

You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @NeshikaBell.

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2013. Realistic Ways to Kick Negativity
Longevity Magazine. (Edition VII | Contributor)

2013. Criticism at Work: 10 Tips for Giving It.
Longevity Magazine. (Online Article | Author)

2013. Creating a Happier Work Environment.
Longevity Magazine. (Edition IV | Author)

2013. Don’t Touch Me, We’re Married.
Longevity Magazine. (Edition II | Contributor)

2013. Happiness at Work is Serious Business.
Skills Portal. (Online Article | Contributor)

2012. Exterminating the Frustration Bug.
Longevity Magazine. (Edition X | Author)

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a singh bhima

Neshika, you radiant being of awesomeness, your calmness is so beautiful. I loved the pauses in your talk, a moment for me to think about what you said and the confidence in the way you speak is so inspiring. You have a majestic way with words and your sweet voice is mesmerizing. I am hooked!

Anushka Singh Bhima


Whoever said spirituality is not sexy has not heard Neshika’s voice on her Breathe audios! WOWZERS!!!!

Thank you, Neshika, for bringing a side to spirituality that touches the younger generation. It’s fresh and slick and I love that you use the word “Shitty” :) Because sometimes life can be shitty and that’s ok because you and this process have the ability to open things up for me, dissect them, get rid of the shit, sew me up and then get me going again.

ASB Attorneys


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