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a jones

Hire her! She is brilliant! I was lucky enough to work with Neshika and she had a profound effect in my life. There’s something about her calm insights, her quiet strength and her smiling inspiration, which makes her an extraordinary partner to work with. Neshika has a rare talent which will help you achieve your dreams. Enjoy the ride.

Angel Jones |

j bhima

Short of being given your dreams on a silver platter, Neshika is the next best option. She has the ability to translate visions into actions, thoughts into processes, dreams into reality. I recommend her to anyone and everyone. Dream Big. Live Big.

Jatheen Bhima | Attorney

g haggis

I finally started the business I’ve always dreamed of! Neshika, thank you for the role you played in my journey towards a new and exciting beginning. When I found myself in a very stuck place, struggling with issues around purpose and meaning, you challenged me to DO something about the ideas and possibilities I’d been talking about for so long.

Gill Haggis |

k dejager

You speak the truth and it comes from the heart.
I love it.
I salute you and acknowledge you.

Karin de Jager | The Conscious Way

s steinberg

You rock!
You are awesome!
You were born to do what you do!!!

Savannah Steinberg | STAR Transformation

I read your stuff and feel both challenged and inspired to go out and get things done. Thank you for the generosity of your words. Here’s to action!

Inspired & Anonymous

appreciation for Breathe


Listening to your breath and using it as a tool for self-discovery and recovery is genius. I’ve discovered that there is nothing that connects your physical manifestation to your spiritual core more directly than your breath, and nothing that is more telling when the flow between the two is blocked.

This process is unexpectedly powerful, yet simple – I highly recommend it.

Michelle McKenna | Creative Group Head, Switch Branding & Design


Whoever said spirituality is not sexy has not heard Neshika’s voice on these audios! WOWZERS!!!!

Thank you, Neshika, for bringing a side to spirituality that touches the younger generation. It’s fresh and slick and I love the use of the word “Shitty” :) Because sometimes life can be shitty and that’s ok because you and this process have the ability to open things up for me, dissect them, get rid of the shit, sew me up and then get me going again.

Anushka Singh Bhima | Partner, ASB Attorneys


Let me tell you what I loved about the Breathe tracks, process and experience… Neshika’s beautiful voice and its range… sometimes gentle and compassionate, sometimes firm and no-nonsense and always unhurried, an invitation to just slow down and be and reflect. Her thought-provoking, penetrating questions and insights, and the way she puts words together. The poetry in them delights me and speaks to my spirit!

This was as energising, inspiring, nourishing and magnetic as the deep fulfilment Neshika speaks of. The culmination of the “Inhale” track felt like peace to me.

Gill Haggis |

j bhima

Neshika’s Breathe Out process seamlessly translates a 1000 years of yogic insights into something practical and easily consumable. With plain language (and no tricky yoga poses), she directs your awareness to the power that lies in your breath to change what isn’t working in your life. I have been working with this process daily, and my awareness has grown every single day. More so, by understanding my breath, I have a deeper understanding of my Self. Understand. Let go. Let in.

Jatheen Bhima | Attorney

As I recently wrote Matric, my friends and I were in the constant grip of the evil stress monster. I particularly remember the morning before our science exam: my best friend was close to tears she was so nervous. I shared with her Neshika’s technique of breathing in the good and breathing out the bad, and soon enough she had calmed down. For me, that highlighted the leap into a more central world, where stress and negativity swirl around you rather than within you.

Georgie Hyland | Matric Graduate

a padayachy

I love the questions around “what does my breath tell me?” It has brought me into a state of awareness around how I breathe when I am at home, or out, or at work etc. And for every new day I listen to the tracks, I find myself in a world of greater possibilities.

Ashley Padayachy |

applause for Neshika on stage

a singh bhima

Neshika, you radiant being of awesomeness, your calmness is so beautiful. I loved the pauses in your talk, a moment for me to think about what you said and the confidence in the way you speak is so inspiring. You have a majestic way with words and your sweet voice is mesmerizing. I am hooked!

Anushka Singh Bhima | Light Worker

b mabuse

Neshika is an insightful speaker. She reminded me of what it means to rise up – being true to your destiny, choosing to rise above every challenge that life throws at you. Doors don’t open when we are in our comfort zones, it is when we have decided to rise up that we see the fruits of our labour.

Bame Mabuse | IRESS South Africa

c button

Thank you Neshika for bringing your sparkling energy and love to our ladies high tea event. The aim was to create a morning of inspiration and positivity and I think that that is exactly what you helped us to achieve. It was wonderful to hear you speaking from your heart and sharing your stories, knowledge and lessons with us. I have had incredible feedback from the ladies that attended the event, as to how your message was just what they needed to hear, as if you had planned to be there just for each of them. Your words of honesty that opened up our minds and hearts to remind us to allow ourselves to want to be more, more of who we are… truly inspirational and uplifting. Thank you for connecting with us and for waking us up again!

It has been wonderful to work with someone who is professional yet very friendly and personal, a real pleasure. Neshika will add that special something to your event and I highly recommend her.

Corinne Button | Red Chair Events


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