Welcome Love. I’m glad you’re here.

This Affiliate Program is way for you to earn cash while shouting from the rooftops (or more likely, digital platforms) about my work.

here's the gist of it

You get your own unique Affiliate link that you can share and promote wherever, how ever and with whomever you’d like (think… on your social media platforms, in conversation, in emails, in your blog posts or newsletters, on your website, in your own online shop… anywhere).

You’ll find a whole lotta creative assets in this Affiliate Area that you can mix ‘n match wherever you’d like: promo images for social media and/or your email signature, sample email copy, blog post ideas, short ‘n punchy text blurbs that you can copy + paste to your social media as is, or use as inspiration to write your own. All of it is associated with your unique Affiliate link.

When people click your link, they get directed back to my shop. When they make a purchase, it gets tracked and recorded as a sale via you… and I pay you a percentage of every sale of this first product and everything I create + sell going forward (30% to be exact) for helping me spread encouragement, truth and light, everywhere.

From this Affiliate Area, you can also track sales from your referrals, and view your earnings.

Affiliate payouts happen on the 26th of every month, straight into your bank account.

here's what it will take from you

As much or as little time, attention, creativity and passion as you want to and can give to it. There’s no pressure. No expectation. No competition. I’m not keeping score or counting sales. There’s no target to meet or sales record to beat. That kind of motivation so does NOT light my fire.

This is about raising consciousness and making money in a way that feels true for you. Think of this Affiliate Program as your passive income stream (because it could be). I’ll give you the goods – promo ideas, imagery, copy and inspiration – you decide how, how much and how often you want to use them.

It’s as easy and as flexible as that.

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