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Are you holding up your end of the deal?

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Some say Bob Dylan is overrated. Others call him a prophet, “a voice for his time.” Of his own art, in a revealing interview with Ed Bradley, he’s clear that he doesn’t know how he wrote the songs he wrote.
It’s a different kind of penetrating magic.


This interview emanates the same ‘penetrating magic’ Bob Dylan speaks about – at least for me it does. His indifference toward the haters or the almost god-like worshippers, and his intense attention on doing what he came here to do; his candour; the way he refers to his own talent – not with humility, but with detachment – with an understanding that it comes through him, but it’s not from him… yes, a penetrating kind of magic.

Ed Bradley: Why do you still do it? (Referring to touring and making music)
Bob Dylan: Well, it goes back to that destiny thing – I made a bargain a long time ago and I’m holdin’ up my end.
Ed Bradley: What was your bargain?
Bob Dylan: To get where I am now.
Ed Bradley: Should I ask who you made the bargain with?
Bob Dylan: [chuckles] With the chief commander.
Ed Bradley: On this earth?
Bob Dylan: On this earth and in a world we can’t see.

Metaphysical beliefs aside, whether your deal was made with the ‘chief commander’ or with your own heart, you are here to fulfill your purpose. At some point in our lives on this journey of fulfilment, we may be vilified, we may be sanctified, we may be adored or abhorred. And when that happens, remember this:

What other people say about you is inconsequential. That you know what you’re about and that you’re doing what you came here to do... that’s what counts.

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