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I have a message for you… Breathe. Let go of what you don’t want, so you can let in what you do.

What do you want — with your whole heart and everything you’ve got? What lights you up just thinking about the possibility of it?

You want. I want. We all want. Fulfillment of some kind. Have you got space for it? Coz if you want it (and I know you want it), you gotta make space for it. Every time you say “I want” in relation to your kind of fulfillment, your question for reflection is this:

“What do I need to let go of so that I can let this in?”

Because we hold on to a lot of shitty stuff. Physical. Mental. Emotional. Stuff.

And here’s the thing: shitty stuff holds shitty energy. Shitty energy gets held in the breath. When we hold our breath, we’re holding on to the very things that are holding us back from experiencing fulfillment. So we gotta breeeathe out and let go of the shit.

All those heavy, uninspiring, unfulfilling habits and notions and possessions you’ve got? Yeah, you know the ones. You gotta ditch ‘em, drop ‘em, send ‘em packing. You gotta clear out the clutter in your space and your psyche. So you can open wide to what you really want.

Make space for fulfilment.
She’s been waiting to be let in.




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Sometimes gentle and compassionate, sometimes firm and no-nonsense and always unhurried, an invitation to just slow down and be and reflect… this is as energising, inspiring, nourishing and magnetic as the deep fulfillment Neshika speaks of. The culmination of the “Inhale” track felt like peace to me.

Gill Haggis |

Whoever said spirituality is not sexy has not heard Neshika’s voice on these audios! WOWZERS!!!!

Thank you, Neshika, for bringing a side to spirituality that touches the younger generation. It’s fresh and slick and I love the use of the word “Shitty” :) Because sometimes life can be shitty and that’s ok because you and this process have the ability to open things up for me, dissect them, get rid of the shit, sew me up and then get me going again.

Anushka Singh Bhima | ASB Attorneys

Listening to your breath and using it as a tool for self-discovery and recovery is genius. I’ve discovered that there is nothing that connects your physical manifestation to your spiritual core more directly than your breath, and nothing that is more telling when the flow between the two is blocked.

This process is unexpectedly powerful, yet simple – I highly recommend it.

Michelle McKenna | Creative Group Head, Switch Design

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It took a village to put this bit of beauty out into the world. Late nights. Cooked meals. Lots of ears and time and talent. Love. Generosity. Encouragement. Support. In every imaginable way, from so many incredible humans. These ones in particular… deep, deep bow to you, who helped make this possible for me… My Kimster // Mom & Dad a.k.a. Mamma Bear & Pappa Bear // Sheenie // Shaunie // Anushka Singh Bhima // Ashley Padayachy // Baya Singh // Cecile Wiltshire // Dave Law // Elvin Harris // Eunene Levine // Gill Haggis // Jatheen Bhima // Katie Demain // Kurt Slabbert // Lisa Enslin // Lorens Persson // Michelle McKenna // Ridwana Jooma-Cook // Sam Cook // Sean Williams // Shaun Clarke


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