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Do What You Say You Will Do

I didn’t. Twice last week. Small things. Email something to someone by 5pm. Call someone back at 11h45. I did send the mail, and the recipient was thankful for the time I took to craft it, but it was 45 minutes later than I promised. As for the second someone, he called me. We jibed about my tardiness. All was forgiven, and still, it didn’t matter how valid my reasons were, I didn’t do what I said I would do by when I said I would do it. It’s the definition of integrity that I stand for, and I breached it. And I’ve gotta say, it felt really, seriously, unquestionably shitty.

The Integrity Breach Impact

When you don’t do what you say you will do, you can’t hold your head up high, you can’t look people in the eye. Twitter Bird Icon: Neshika's Tweetable

Hell, when you don’t do what you say you will do, you can’t look yourself in the eye. And your power to act stops being fuelled by what you can do or what you commit to do, and becomes mired in the guilt and angst associated with what you didn’t do. And then, you stop doing altogether. You just stop. Stuck. Immobilised by the weight of your broken word.

And the person on the other end feels it too. The impact of your unreliability. An experience of disjointedness between your word and your actions. Disappointment. Doubt about how much you value said person. Distrust in the solidity of your word going forward. A “next-time-I-won’t hold-my-breath” state of being that arises at a subconscious level.

There’s a sense of incompletion and a loss of power that stems from being let down, and from being the one letting down. It sucks. All round. For all involved.

Check your integrity.
(An exercise in recovering and/or strengthening it.)

Think of a time when you let someone (or yourself) down.
: How did it feel to be so utterly unreliable?
: How did others experience your utter unreliability?
: What was the impact? …on you? …on others?
: What needs to happen for you to redeem yourself and/or recover your integrity? Courageous conversations, completions, re-commitments, or forgiveness, perhaps? Or maybe something else?

Take note of all the things you say you will do. For yourself. For others. Promises. Spoken agreements. Follow-ups. Commitments. Your word. “I’ll let you know next week. I’ll call you on Thursday. I’ll send you that link. I’ll get it to you by noon.”

To what degree do you embody your word?

: your most potent power source
: an indication of who you are + how you do things
: the strongest contract you can make
: the loudest action you can take

Do what you say you will do. Honour your commitments. Keep your promises. Be your word. And notice what happens as a result. Internally. Around you. To you. I DARE YOU.

Integrity is the bedrock on which your entire life is built. And a building is only as solid as its foundation. Twitter Bird Icon: Neshika's Tweetable

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