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Encouragement after rejection.

Didn’t get the gig?
Didn’t close the deal?
Didn’t get the call back?
Didn’t get the yes you were hoping for?

Hearing “no” can be disappointing, disheartening, deflating. Rejection can call into question your worth and create a breeding ground for thought forms that belong six feet underground. It can become the reason you abandon your courage and never ever take a risk again.

I made you this video because I think we could all do with more encouragement to go after what we want. And because rejection is part of the journey. Rejection and I, we know each other intimately. It’s painful yes, but it doesn’t have to be paralysing. And I’ve got 2 tips for overcoming it.


I’m all about truth, light, fulfillment. Speaking words of encouragement. Helping people to remember their worth and value themselves enough to go after what they want. And I’ve been looking for ways to explode my message, reach more hearts, evoke more truth, ignite more light. I’m talking scaling UP. Enter the golden #PresenterSearchOn3 open auditions opportunity. They’re looking for their next TV presenter. It could be me. This could be it – the way I put myself “out there,” expand this tribe of truth-light-fulfillment seekers and get my message into the hearts and hands of many, plenty, more people who’ve been waiting to hear it.

So I decide to audition. I prep. I practice. I sleep badly. I stand, I sweat, I wait in the queue for 8+ hours. I go through waves of adrenaline-anxiety-adrenaline-anxiety-adrenaline-anxiety. I present to the judges. I rock it. I feel good. I leave. My nerves are shot. I pass out. The next day, I’m a hot mess of (still shot) nerves and angst and anticipation. I want this so bad. I’m waiting an agonising wait. For the phone to ring. To hear the words: You’re through to the next round.

The call didn’t come. I didn’t make it. They didn’t want me. I was crushed. Rejection. I curled up on the couch with my man and my cat, and I wept. With every tear I shed, I also shed the disappointment and the defeat. I let the rivers of inadequacy and hopelessness run down my cheeks. I let it all out. I let it all go. Because I want to say yes to joy. Because I know I’m going to be okay. Because I want to run into the arms of my future. Because I want to stay open for the fulfillment that wants to show up in my life.

Shitty feelings hold shitty energy and shitty energy holds you back from experiencing fulfillment. Twitter Bird Icon: Neshika's Tweetable

Watch this video to clear the shitty energy.
Let it all out. Let it all go.
Say yes to joy.

Stay open for the fulfillment that wants to show up in your life.

Your future is waiting for you, and her arms are wide open.


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