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Fear, almighty fear, almighty no more.


The dictionary defines it as a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil or pain, whether that threat is real or imagined.
Some see fear as an acronym – false evidence appearing real.
A Course in Miracles speaks of fear being the absence of love.

However you experience it, fear is a feeling. Like courage, which happens to be the light side of fear.

If you can feel fear, you can feel courage too. Twitter Bird Icon: Neshika's Tweetable

What are you afraid of?

Witness all the ways in which fear has been folding and fencing your life. Big, small, impeding, impending. Fear.

What are you afraid of?

Be with the weight of it. The pain of it. The blackness and the unbearable-ness. You won’t die. You’re kindling your faith. In you. In your resilience. In the muchness that you are capable of. And all of this is fuel for your courage.

What are you afraid of?

As you feel your fear, take a deep, whole breath. Go beyond the heaviness that’s pressing down on your chest, into the space where courage originates. From the Old French word: couer … heart.

Courage gives fear a nod of respect, breathes deep, whole breaths and then, takes a leap of faith.

Breathe and leap.

Breathe deep, whole breaths of courage into your heart. Audacious, daring, determined courage.

See courage.
Feel courage.
Be courage.
Emanate courage.


Fear, almighty fear, you have sniffed me out.
Tortured me, tainted me,
trapped and tormented me;
thick and heavy your breath of doubt.

Fear, almighty fear, you have ruled my heart.
Bullied me, broken me,
belittled and betrayed me;
brutal and bitter your paralytic dart.

Fear, almighty fear, thank you for your concern.
Now back down, it’s time for courage to have her turn.
Consuming, conditioning and crippling no more
Fear, almighty fear, almighty no more.

Breathe and leap. Twitter Bird Icon: Neshika's Tweetable


– Excerpted from SHINE.

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