Welcome to your simple, soulful, self-care revolution.

To be full and filled is to be nourished. And nourishment (a wholesome, holistic word to describe self-care) has everything to do with what you feed your belly AND what you feed your heart, your mind, your soul… your whole life.

Be full. Be filled. Be truly, madly, deeply in love with you.

Our invitation to you

We have sucked at self-care — big time. We have been all kinds of unkind to ourselves — more than once. We have learned what happens when we don’t nourish ourselves — the hard way. And we have come to really, truly, fully give a shit about every aspect of our own well-being.

The FULL FILLED series of eBooks are an invitation to you, fellow wellness warrior, to really, truly, fully give a shit about YOUR well-being.

They’re part recipe books, part soul guides, part reflection, and part inspiration.

They’re full of big, simple, practical, radical sugar and shit free recipes and practices for eating well, living well, and being well. (Now would be a good time to tell you that four-letter words are generously sprinkled throughout these pages… that’s how we roll.)

We explore what will feed and fuel you in the most holistic sense, as in, the things you eat and the things that don’t come on a plate:

  • A fresh take on nourishment that means ditching diets and deprivation.
  • Helpful how-to’s for making healthier choices, building healthier habits, and creating the time and space to nourish yourself.
  • Tips and tricks to stock your pantry and honour your life every single day.
  • Easy, yummy, wholesome meal ideas sans refined sugar or other fake shit. (You won’t miss it, promise.)

We’ll help you make self-care a daily sacred ritual… which it should be.

Our wish for you: Eat good food, feel deep love and show unapologetic reverence for YOU.

Because you’re worth it. And because it makes you better at loving and giving to the people, the projects and the causes that you care about.

An overview of each of the three books


FULL FILLED: Awaken is a collection of morning recipes and rituals to feed your belly and your soul. Because how you start your day is… everything.


FULL FILLED: Savour anytime recipes and rituals to satisfy your sweet tooth and your soul. Because it’s possible to treat yourself without any sugar or other fake shit.


FULL FILLED: Indulge chocolate recipes and rituals to feed your belly and your soul. And we mean real chocolate — no sugar, no shit, just real cacao that actually grew on a tree.


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