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Have you ever…

  • Have you ever tipped your waiter/waitress the same amount you paid for your meal?
  • Have you ever asked a stranger what they most value about themselves?
  • Have you ever sat with your gorgeous, naked self and given thanks – for all that your body does for you and all that it enables you to do?
  • Have you ever thought about the innumerable ways in which you serve and add value to the world?
  • Have you ever smiled and waved hello to the driver who’s also riding out the traffic in the car next to you?
  • Have you ever looked yourself in the eye and just held your own gaze?
  • Have you ever said to your lover, your mother, your co-worker, your best friend… “I was wrong. I’m sorry.”
  • Have you ever shown the kind of patience or compassion you didn’t think you had, for someone you didn’t think deserved it?
  • Have you ever had your beliefs shattered so grandly that they opened you up to more expansive views?

You should. Try it.

What the mind asserts is awkward or uncomfortable or incomprehensibly crazy is almost always what nourishes our true nature.

Have you ever sidestepped your mind and done something to feed your soul? Twitter Bird Icon: Neshika's Tweetable

Beyond the squirmishness and the resistance, you’ll find something much bigger… Love.
A vastitude of Love.

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