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4 practical ideas for feeling like a million bucks.

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This is and isn’t about money.
Actually, it isn’t.
It’s about fulfillment, which you won’t necessarily find in money, and without which, money almost certainly won’t find you.

When you focus on feeling like a million bucks on the inside – nourished, lit up, fulfilled, worth it – it’s remarkable how your fulfillment magnetises all kinds of plenitude and prosperity from the outside.


1. Give. Give. Give. With an open hand and an open heart. Generosity (with sincerity) is oh-so sexy. And when you’re feeling a little squeezed, a little poor, a little broke, a little like you don’t have much to give, give anyway. Especially then. It heats up your affluence pot, melts down the sticky, clumpy bits and gets abundance flowing again with smooth consistency. Also, it’s good karma and it feels really fucking good to give.

Sincere generosity feels like a million bucks. Twitter Bird Icon: Neshika's Tweetable

2. Thank. Thank. Thank. Because no two words enhance your prosperity receptors the way “thank you” does. Because gratitude is almost always an appropriate response to anything. Because gratitude is a precursor to nourishment, fulfilment and wide, expansive worthiness. Because “gratitude vibrates close to the frequency of miracles.” – Danielle LaPorte.

Being great and full of great.full.ness feels like a million bucks. Twitter Bird Icon: Neshika's Tweetable

3. Burn. Burn. Burn. A few months back, I hauled out all my old journals, notebooks, letters, and other personal papers I’d so carefully curated over the years. I held on, thinking I’d go back to them later for reference or inspiration or something. But actually, there’s seldom any point in holding on or going back to the past. Sometimes, you’ve got to bless what’s been and then burn it to the ground. So we did. We stood out on the patio on a quiet night, started and stoked a big, blazing fire and sent the stuff we no longer needed up in flames. I posted it to my social media and had this to say about it: Made a fire. Burned some shit. Feeling lighter. Yeah, that’s about right. Purge. Let go. Burn the old to make way for the new. Your future is waiting for you on the other side of the fire.

Lightness feels like a million bucks. Twitter Bird Icon: Neshika's Tweetable

4. And then… Rest. Rest. Rest. Because rest is high up on the ultimate self-care practices list, and self-care is high up on the ultimate self-worth practices list. Value yourself enough to shut down, switch off, heal up, rest it out. REST.

A rested body feels like a million bucks. Twitter Bird Icon: Neshika's Tweetable

Be generous.
Say thank you.
Do what it takes to feel lighter.
And in-between, rest. Often.
You’re worth feeling like a million bucks.


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