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Preparing for what you want.

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Forcing. Prising. Pressing. Pressuring. Pushing. Straining. There’s a common thread here: the impatient, compulsive, premature act of willing something into being that is not yet willing to be.

And how often we impatiently, compulsively, and sometimes prematurely force, prise, press, pressure, push and strain our way to what we want. Because nothing worthwhile comes easy, right? Hard, gruelling, painful work – that’s what it takes. We have to bleed and sweat and endure. It’s the rite of passage to fulfilment, yes? Maybe. Or maybe, collectively, these are just outdated procedures for achievement.

And maybe what’s called for is a more relevant, more fulfilling, easier way to attain the things that matter. Possibly, this way…


… which isn’t about attainment at all, is it? It’s about the ease in the unfolding. And, you know, I’m not saying this sense of ease will make the process of unfolding easy (it might), but you’ll probably ease up on the angst and attachment associated with it. And the divine irony is that letting go actually readies you to hold what you want when you get it. It’s what the oldest spiritual teachers have been declaring for aeons. It’s what any good coach will show you. And it’s the point Abraham-Hicks makes in this video.

You’ll have what you want when you’re ready to have it. No sooner. No later.

When you’re ready, you’ll know. Until then, you’re not yet ready. And that’s okay. The state of not being ready is not permanent (unless you keep worrying about not being ready, in which case you’ll always be “not ready”). In the mean time, prepare, prepare, prepare.

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That’s what preparing for what you want really is. Doing the inner work. Tending to your frame of mind the way you would to your most precious people or your beloved pets or your sacred spaces. Cultivating high-vibration thoughts and beliefs. Weeding out all heavy, negative notions that are stealing your vitality. Massaging your ability to receive. Preparing yourself to be a strong, flexible, freed-up container for fulfilment so that whatever wondrousness is waiting to bloom in your life actually has room and the right conditions to thrive.

It’s the path of least resistance and all-out faith that what you want is already here, waiting for you to show up.

Your work is not to reeeeeach up for what you want, but to ready yourself to have it.

Breathe fuller.
Think brighter.
Feel lighter.
Raise yourself up higher.

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