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Say yes to joy. (A simple strategy for feeling good all the time.)

say yes to joy
the feel good great ah-MAZ-ing ecstatic euphoric kind
the glad no matter what kind
the just because kind

because you can
because joy doesn’t need a reason
because joy is the reason
because you deserve to feel joy
in unfathomable, unspeakable, unadulterated amounts

say yes to joy
while changing diapers and bed sheets
in your kitchen or your car
on the road or the treadmill
all the time
especially now
just because

say yes to joy
begin with joy
breathe in joy
eat with joy
run toward joy
sit still in your true nature that is joy

let your life be rocked
let your mind be blown
let your heart be broken open
by joy

we need you to light up your reality
inspire us to look for the light in ours
create joyous conversations
of great.full.ness
of love
about dreams and courage and truth
so we can break through the dullness
of image consciousness
and heart-breaking, faith-sapping, mind-numbing media madness
and chronic, conditioned complaining about what sucks

say yes to joy
notice the tug of joy in moments of anger
sense the joy that lives right beside your pain
feel the comfort of joy kissing and appeasing your grief
in the midst of chaos and despair
at the bottom of the down
be aware of joy waiting patiently for your return
you can rage and ache and weep
and still be held in the ever-expanding arms of joy

say yes to joy
let it bubble up from beneath your fear
let it shine bright between the cracks
let it buffer your belief in the purity and potency of light

say yes to joy
be living proof of it
so that we can believe in it for ourselves
so that we can say yes to it too
so that we can all feel good great ah-MAZ-ing ecstatic euphoric
and be glad
just because

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