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I step into the shower and turn on the tap. It’s not a big shower and it takes a few seconds for the water to heat up so I usually stand on tippy toes, back almost pressed up against the wall furthest from the shower head (and by almost, I mean I’m close enough to the wall that I can feel the fine hairs on my back brushing it, but not close enough that my skin makes contact, because well, the wall is about as cold as the water at this point and I’m walking a tightrope to avoid both) – very necessary extreme measures.

Anyway, there I am walking my tightrope, waiting for the warmth, when I notice something so small yet so delightful and angel-affirming. I squeal. Both because in my excitement I manage to make contact with the wall — it’s c-c-cold — and because my discovery is absolutely worthy of loud, excited squeals.

I’ve discovered a heart.

Slightly bigger than a thumbnail. Perfectly shaped. A heart. Right there on my bathroom tile. I look around, and guess what, hearts, absolutely everywhere!

I’ve stepped into this shower, sang in this shower, had ideas come to me in this shower for almost 3 years and not once in all that time have I ever noticed that I’ve been wrapped in love in this shower every single time.

It reminded me of that saying: “Energy flows where intention goes.” It’s all about where we place our attention. We experience from our strongest point of focus. The beautiful thing about focus is that if we don’t like what we’re experiencing, we can shift our focus to give us a different experience. Shift. Shift. Shift. Until… ahh, yes, sweet spot.

So I thought: Why not look for love, absolutely everywhere?

And my oh my, have I found it… absolutely everywhere. My friend, Gill — a thoughtful, imaginative, gifted teacher and supporter of creative expression — finds it everywhere too. And every time we do, it feels like a little heart wink from the Universe. So, of course, we’ve started a Pinterest board in honour of finding what we most want to see: Love, absolutely everywhere.

Let it inspire you to find what you most want to see…

Follow Neshika and Gill’s board “Love, absolutely everywhere…” on Pinterest.

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