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BREATHE – A Guide to Preparing for What You Want

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A simple yet potentially profound tool – a practice, really – that approaches fulfillment from the inside out: actually making space to experience it. That means letting go of everything unfulfilling, which is the whole glorious point. Makes sense, right? You gotta shake off the shit so you can let in the light. And it begins with your breath.


Because you want to feel lighter. I know you do. Who doesn’t? You’re DONE holding on to old, tired and frankly, crap beliefs and behaviours. You’re a fulfillment-seeker. You know you have to go ‘in’ to find it. And you’re ready.


A complete how-to process for finding and making space for what’s real and true and really, truly fulfilling for you. This is your very own private Coach, delivered to you in:

  • 15 soulful step-by-step audio tracks
  • 4 bonus tracks for making this practice your own
  • 1 gorgeous workbook for purging + planning as you go

And the whole thing is infused with encouragement, because I think we could all do with more of that when we’re going after what we really want.

Recorded & Mixed at Sterling Sound Studios
Music by Kurt Slabbert, BlueNoise Productions
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M McKenna Listening to your breath and using it as a tool for self-discovery and recovery is genius. I’ve discovered that there is nothing that connects your physical manifestation to your spiritual core more directly than your breath, and nothing that is more telling when the flow between the two is blocked.

This process is unexpectedly powerful, yet simple – I highly recommend it.

Michelle McKenna | Creative Group Head, Switch Branding & Design

j bhima Neshika’s Breathe process seamlessly translates a 1000 years of yogic insights into something practical and easily consumable. With plain language (and no tricky yoga poses), she directs your awareness to the power that lies in your breath to change what isn’t working in your life. I have been working with this process daily, and my awareness has grown every single day. More so, by understanding my breath, I have a deeper understanding of my Self. Understand. Let go. Let in.

Jatheen Bhima | Attorney

a padayachy I love the questions around “what does my breath tell me?” It has brought me into a state of awareness around how I breathe when I am at home, or out, or at work etc. And for every new day I listen to the tracks, I find myself in a world of greater possibilities.

Ashley Padayachy | My Inner Being

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