FULL FILLED: Savour (eBook)

R 190

What it is: FULL FILLED: Savour is a collection of anytime recipes and rituals to satisfy your sweet tooth and your soul.

What you get:

  • 25+ recipes for sweet (but not sugary) drinks, desserts and snacks.
  • A personal collection of rituals that you can pick and choose, and mix and match, to bring stillness, sweetness and deep connection to everyone and everything about your life.
  • FULL FILLED: Begin (eBook) — this separate eBook forms the foundation and the philosophy behind FULL FILLED. It lays out the principles, the facts and the art of living a Full Filled life.

Why you need it: You’re done treating yourself as an afterthought. You want to treat your body like the temple it is. You want to treat your soul with the reverence it deserves. You want to look at yourself and your life and feel devotion and reverence. You want to have the energy, clarity and inspiration to do the things you long to do. You want to make YOU a priority. And you want it all to feel good and easy.

eBook formats you’ll receive: PDF

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