Event: Soul Sweet


Learn to satisfy your sweet tooth without any sugar or other fake shit.

What’s life without a little sweetness, right?

It’s important, it’s necessary, and it feels good.

But sweetness doesn’t require any sugar. And by sugar, we mean the refined kind you find in everything from low fat milk to muesli to breath mints and chocolate bars. The kind that spikes your blood glucose levels, takes you high and brings you down… hard. The kind that feeds your craving, but never fills it.

You can do without that shit, thank you very much. Say it with us: Don’t need it. Don’t want it.

We’re not suggesting you eliminate all sweetness from your life. Never, not ever. Just the refined sugar, please.

Instead, indulge in a healthier kind of sweetness that doesn’t make you feel fat or sick or like you need to live on lettuce for a month afterwards.

Using the natural sugars that nature provides, Anushka + Neshika — two self-care mavens and lifestyle entrepreneurs — will show you how to make sweet treats that feel good without the guilt.

Sweetness after dinner, sweetness to start your day or to say thank you at the end of it, sweetness on Sundays, sprinkled over breakfast, between meals, whenever you like, really.

Sweetness that energises you, gets you in touch with your taste buds, and actually fills you up.

Sweetness that tastes like love (because it is) and feels oh-sooo-nourishing (because it is).

The kind that allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth without becoming a slave to it.

The kind that feels soul good. Soul sweet.

introducing SOUL SWEET

SOUL SWEET is a sugar-and-shit-ingredient-free dessert-making workshop based on our simple, 2-part philosophy: 1. Moderation, not deprivation. And 2. You don’t need sugar (or any other fake shit) to taste the sweetness of life.

We’re going to get in the kitchen and show you how to whip up quick, easy, scrumptious sugar-free alternatives to some of your favourite sweet treats — like ice cream + chocolate brownies, whipped cream + crumpets, and and and — that taste waaay better and are way better for your body.




We’ll also give you early access to tickets, before we go public with them.

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This is a delicious mix of insightful conversation, healthy inspiration and deep, belly laughs as we create simple, flavourfull treat after treat for you to taste and share facts and benefits about some of our favourite ingredients.

Take a look at what you’re learning + getting with the programme:

+ Learn about the shocking places where sugar lurks + why it has no place in your pantry.
+ Discover surprising ingredients that add natural sweetness to your food.
+ Become adept at listening to your body + interpreting your cravings.
+ Learn how to make delicious sweet treats that hit the spot, fill you up and feel ah-MAZ-ing from the inside out.
+ Take home a recipe guide of everything we make together, so you can whip up your own sugar-free sweetness any day of the week.

A small taste of what we’ll be making together:

+ Real, rich homemade chocolate
+ Chocolate sauce (and a mouthwatering menu of things to drizzle it over)
+ Banana splits
+ Ice cream and coconut whipped cream
+ Crumpet stacks ‘n other easy tasty on-the-go sweet snacks

Expect to leave inspired and full of ideas to satisfy your sweet tooth without any sugar or other fake shit. That’s a promise.

You’ll get lunch too. But that comes at the end of the workshop, after we’ve made our way through dessert. Because seriously, why not?

As always, we’ll donate a portion of all ticket sales, on your behalf, to a charitable cause.



We’ll also give you early access to tickets, before we go public with them.

about us, your hostesses

Anushka - Hungry


Anushka Singh Bhima has made it her priority to love herself and be number one in her own life, while still running a household and a successful law firm.

She’s a giver at heart and she gives her whole heart to people, clients and causes she cares about. But after the corporate world left her burnt out and yearning for something more, she knew she had to start listening to her body and taking care of herself first if she was going to give and serve the way she wanted to. So she did. She left her job, started ASB Attorneys and focussed on putting herself at the top of her list.

Now, Anushka’s on a mission to help people nourish both their minds and their bodies. It’s not an either/or equation. They go hand-in-hand. Her message cuts to the core of self-love: “If we don’t do what we can to have a healthy body, how can we have a healthy mind or claim to care about ourselves? Our bodies carry us every day, without asking for anything; they hold us up, they support us, and they need us to show our gratitude by being kinder to ourselves.”

Neshika - Hungry


Neshika Bell is the creator of Breathe – a guide to preparing for what you really want. She’s a quietly fiery inspirational speaker, writer and encourager who helps women make the shift from just coping to absolutely, positively thriving in business and in life (big difference, take it from her, she knows firsthand).

She also writes weekly at NeshikaBell.com, where she’s been told that her words are like “sparks that ignite a fire in your mind.”

Ultimately, her work will inspire you to create wide open space for fulfillment. Her philosophy is simple: “If it doesn’t light you up, let it go.” In her own words: “I just want you to love yourself enough to give a shit about what you fill your heart, your body, your business, your space… your life with.”

If you’re meeting Neshika for the first time in a crowded space, follow the distinct sound of her uninhibited laugh – it often precedes her.


Will tickets for this event go on sale (like, at a reduced price) at any point?

In the past, we’ve done random flash sales and 2-for-1 specials on tickets to our workshops. They were awesome. But… we won’t be doing them anymore. We’re generous givers, but we realised that discounting ticket prices wasn’t a generous act at all. We were discounting the support of our most loyal, eager customers who booked early at the full price, and we were discounting the value we have to offer. So, no more discounting you… or us. Our new approach is: BIG generosity, always rooted in VALUE — valuing you, valuing ourselves, adding value. Yes!

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! Yes, of course! Bring more than one friend if you want. Just make sure you buy a ticket for each person you’re bringing with you. Or let them know they can buy a ticket for themselves HERE.

How do I get to the venue?

When tickets are open, we’ll include a Google Maps link to the venue under the “event details” section on this page. We’ll also include it on the e-ticket we send you once you book your tickets.

I’m the spontaneous type. Can I just rock up and buy a ticket at the event?

We get you – we’re pretty free spirits ourselves. But we don’t recommend it for this. Tickets will likely sell out. We may reserve some for the day, but there’s no guarantee, and you won’t get the motherload of goods we’re giving in our goodie bags. It’d break our hearts to turn you away, so to avoid disappointment (yours and ours), we urge you to book now.

What about cancellations?

Spots are limited and thus tickets are non-refundable. But they are transferable to another participant you find. Email us at hungry@neshikabell.com with the name of the person you want to transfer your ticket to.



We’ll also give you early access to tickets, before we go public with them.

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