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Selling your soul is not degrading, it’s divine. It’s about cultivating the courage to be yourself, show up for what you want and create a life of meaning. For 60 to 90 minutes, I get passionate, practical and very philosophical about what this means, what it takes, and why we should all be giving ourselves permission to be, well… ourselves.

I go deep on a lot of hot topics — Anxiety. Authenticity. Creativity. Perfection. People-pleasing. Approval-seeking. Life balance. Self-improvement. Loss. Stress. Self-care. Body image. Burn out. Obligation. Expectation. Desire. Doubt. Fear. Trust. Giving up. Giving in. Pain. Perseverance. Courage. Speaking up. Staying true. Lighting up. Letting go. Deep deep deep joy. Liberation. Gratitude. Nourishment. Fulfillment. Wake up calls. Waking up to our worth. — but the essence is always this:

Know yourself. Be yourself. Express yourself. Respect yourself.

My gigs are all heart and part practical philosophy, part pep talk. They’re infused with insight, encouragement, ideas and anecdotes. They spark revelations, laughter, and sometimes, tears.

This statement from an attendee sums it up, “It’s like you came here just for me, to wake me up and tell me exactly what I needed to hear. Your honesty and energy are incredible. Thank you.”

I usually end with a spoken word poem, Q+A, and big hugs.


applause for Neshika on stage


Neshika, you radiant being of awesomeness, your calmness is so beautiful. I loved the pauses in your talk, a moment for me to think about what you said and the confidence in the way you speak is so inspiring. You have a majestic way with words and your sweet voice is mesmerizing. I am hooked!

Anushka Singh Bhima | Partner, ASB Attorneys

b mabuse

Neshika is an insightful speaker. She reminded me of what it means to rise up – being true to your destiny, choosing to rise above every challenge that life throws at you. Doors don’t open when we are in our comfort zones, it is when we have decided to rise up that we see the fruits of our labour.

Bame Mabuse | IRESS South Africa

c button

Thank you Neshika for bringing your sparkling energy and love to our ladies high tea event. The aim was to create a morning of inspiration and positivity and I think that that is exactly what you helped us to achieve. It was wonderful to hear you speaking from your heart and sharing your stories, knowledge and lessons with us. I have had incredible feedback from the ladies that attended the event, as to how your message was just what they needed to hear, as if you had planned to be there just for each of them. Your words of honesty that opened up our minds and hearts to remind us to allow ourselves to want to be more, more of who we are… truly inspirational and uplifting. Thank you for connecting with us and for waking us up again!

It has been wonderful to work with someone who is professional yet very friendly and personal, a real pleasure. Neshika will add that special something to your event and I highly recommend her.

Corinne Button | Red Chair Events


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