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The Best of Anything + Everything. Neshika’s Great.Full.ness List: Vol.4.

I like making gratitude lists. In my head. On paper. Everywhere. Every day.
Here are some of them:
Volume 1.
Volume 2.
Volume 3.

I’ve said this before, if Gratitude were the daughter of God (and she probably is), I’d worship her and preach her message from the mount tops (which I do anyway). This is how much I believe in the healing power she holds to liberate us from our shit.

What makes you feel great and full of great.full.ness? And why?
Those two questions, right there, give you direct access to the plenitude of Life, to her field of infinite gifts.

My current personal favourites…


Writing letters to my most precious peeps always leaves my heart full and open. In fact, writing, full stop.

Muuuuuuusic. And how much! Lately, there’s been a lotta Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen and The Beatles happening in my space. And this from Jimi Hendrix: “’Scuse me while I kiss the sky.” It’s always helpful working in the company of legends. Soul fuel.


Creativity + makin’ stuff. This, from my first recording session for my upcoming digital program, Shine. All those scripts waiting to be spoken out loud. Surreal to see something that’s been a part of me now apart from me, taking shape and being born. We don’t fully appreciate our progress until we take stock of the muchness that emerges in the process. Word of advice: take stock. You’re further along than you think.


Peace. This is the only magnet on our fridge. Whatever goes on outside our four walls, when we come home, we always return to this ever-present peace and partnership. And love. So much love.


Patience. If you want a lesson in patience, make a blanket. 8 balls of wool later and I was a quarter of the way through. (Then I unravelled the whole thing and started over, but that’s a story for another day.) It’s growing though. A lotta joy, and a lot more patience to be had.


Tea, a book + my fur baby to snuggle with. Ahh, my fur baby, my most precious precious.

blooms_01 blooms_02

Bloomin’ blooms. One moment, tight in a bud. The next, in full bloom. Nature is remarkable at waiting in stillness, regardless of how long it takes, or if it takes at all.


Nightcaps. Almond milk with a dash of cinnamon. For sound sleep.

The briefest of conversations that say so very much. Like a single heart in a text message, or “I just called to say I’m thinking of you. Ok, bye.” Or this…


Yoga “hang outs.” Always a gentle reminder to watch my breath and my posture and my thoughts.

Sisterhood… wholly holy. To be seen and supported by a group of women who want for you all that you want for you, unshakeably, unequivocally, unconditionally. That’s gold.


Groovin’ in my kitchen while Sinead O’Connor belts out “I wanna be a real full woman, and live like a real full woman… every day.” Yes. Mmm hmm. Beats the treadmill, any day.


Rituals. A little afternoon ritual for renewing focus and compassion towards self: sunshine, candles, crystals + a 5-minute breath-work contemplation. And some tunes, of course.


My post-lunch winter ritual: tea + sunshine. Rejuvenation and inspiration (in this case, for dinner). Not pictured here, but always at my side: kitty rolling on the grass or eating it, or both.


Love notes. I spoke to the incredible team at IRESS about “rising up to meet their potential”. They got me this chalkboard. And I said thank you for their thank you like so…

The warmth I feel in the cold.

Friends. Champions, really, of my spirit.


Fire. For warming feet…


…and burning shit.


Light. Because we are all that.


Expressing gratitude. I like to bake batches of thank you notes.

It’s often the little pleasures that bring big joy. You don’t have to look far to find them.

When you get specific about your gratitude, it makes it more real and palpable. And when you feel into your appreciation, you begin to see that, actually, there is so very, very much that inspires and evokes that great.full feeling.

So, what makes you feel great and full of great.full.ness? And why?


xo Neshika

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