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The Gratitude Effect: Great.Full.ness.

Greatness + Fullness
That which makes you feel great + full

: power. excellence. expansion. accomplished. tapped potential.

: soul-food. energy. ecstasy. bigness of being. the Ahh! factor.

Every time you breathe a thank you for something / someone / some time, the universe exults.

Your thank you/s land like welcome whispers in her ear. Good news. Relished news. And she gleefully claps her hands, does a little jig and whispers back with abounding delight: “Oh, you’re so welcome darlin’. I’m great.full that you’re great.full. Here, have some more. Let’s be more.” And she gives you more. In abundance. Because she wants you to be powerful, achieve excellence, expand, tap into your potential and accomplish whatever will bring you more greatness. She wants to deliver joy and soul-food and energy to you. She wants to hear you exclaim: “Ahh! Now that makes me feel great.full!” Because she loves the way it makes you both feel. She wants you to focus on wanting more of what makes you feel that way. So she can give it to you. Unconditionally.

And she never disappoints.

The conscious expression of your great.full.ness serves up more to be great.full for (and from). The unconscious expression of your un.great.full.ness… well, you know how it works. So let’s not trip into the barbed and bitter land of Un, None + No. If we’re going to get what we focus on anyway, then I’d much rather hang out here in the realm of potent feel-good Yes! Mm-hmm.

Let’s feel good. Walk with me.

The Land of Yes. It’s so More-ish.

  • What makes you feel great.full? Check out my great.full.ness list to get your yes! juices flowing.
  • What would you like to be great.full for/from?
  • 5 things you will do this month to cultivate great.full.ness:
  • 5 things you will do this week to cultivate great.full.ness:
  • 3 things you will do today to cultivate great.full.ness:
  • 1 thing you will do right now to cultivate great.full.ness:

The universe is great.full that you’re great.full. And she downright adores you for cultivating more of it. She will move to deliver it. And she never disappoints.

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