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The Secret to Being a Graceful Receiver.

Are you a good taker? How do you receive? Compliments. Gifts. Good fortune.

Do you deflect praise back to its sender?
It’s soooo good to see you. / You look amazing. / You have such awesome energy.
You too.

Or shrug it off like an ill-fitting coat?
I love your laugh.
Really? I always think it’s too loud. I’ve been told that before.

Do you dismiss gifts with polite, but tight abundance-repelling phrases?
Awww, you really shouldn’t have.
You didn’t have to do that.

Do you adopt modesty in the face of fortune and put your successes down to luck or other people?

Compliments feel good to give.
Humility can be noble.
Modesty is incredibly sexy.
No doubt.
At their best, they’re qualities worth keeping.


When you give out a compliment to deflect an incoming one, your prosperity receptors shut down. (“You can’t accept it so we don’t need to stay open to receive it” is essentially what they’re telling you.) And then, you forget how to receive.

Humility can erode your sense of self-worth.

Modesty can dismiss YOU altogether.

And when you don’t even acknowledge the gifts you’re getting, well, don’t expect that kind of rudeness to be rewarded. (Yes, my darlin’ Self, I’m hearing my own words. Loud ’n clear.)

No doubt.
At their worst, these same qualities can deny you the gifts Life wants you to have. The ones you should have, have the right to have, deserve to have, are deeply and completely worthy of having.

I get it. Sometimes, we don’t know what to do with what we receive. We don’t want to inflate our egos. We don’t want people to think we’re ungrateful. We’d rather swallow hot tar than risk the taint of arrogance. I really, really get it.

And I have a radical alternate for you…

Instead of signalling to the goddess of affluence that she should hold off on all that giving, what if we just became better takers? What if you re-learned how to receive? What if you gave yourself permission to receive? Fully. Unapologetically.

You know what will happen when you dare to be that kind of great.full? You will be greater and fuller and more present to the greatness and fullness of YOU. I bet you’ll complain less. You’ll be more optimistic, more open-hearted, more joyous. You will get. More. Freely. You will have more to give. Sincerely.

Great.Full.ness is an exercise in gracefulness.
It’s also a precursor to expansive worthiness.

The secret to receiving gracefully is “thank you.” Simple. Elegant. From the heart. Twitter Bird Icon: Neshika's Tweetable

Thank you. I love those two words. I could say them over and over and over. All day. Every day. And in fact, I do. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Together, they’re one of the most magnetic declarations; right up there with I want. Say it with me, thank you. Not because what you’ve got is all you deserve, or all you might ever get. No. No. No. Thank you is another way of acknowledging I am worthy. And honey, you are boundlessly worthy.

Like you practice yoga to flex and stretch your body’s muscles, you practice great.full.ness to stretch your muscles of worthiness. Supple. Elastic. Streeeeeeetch.

Thank you.
Say it. Feel it.
Throw your arms wide open.
Receive. Recognise. Accept it.
Your worth.



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