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The Worthlessness of Raising Self-Worth.

Our realities, our current states of existence, our lives (and everything and everyone in them) are a series of experiences. The quality of these experiences has little to do with how much we like or dislike them, and everything to do with our worthiness beliefs about them.

Because when you get down to it…
…You will only ever do what you believe you are worthy of doing
…You will only ever have what you believe you are worthy of having
…You will only ever feel what you believe you are worthy of feeling
…You will only ever be who you believe you are worthy of being
…You will only ever treat your body and your being the way you believe you are worthy of being treated. (And you will allow others to treat you according to this same standard of worthiness.)

…And, by contrast, you will repel anything you believe you are not worthy of doing, having, feeling, being…experiencing.


Your sense of self-worth is the progenitor of your entire experience of life. Neshika's Tweetable: the worthlessness of raising self-worth

Wanting a different experience requires that you believe you are worthy of wanting it…and having it. And to believe in your own worthiness, you must, you must, you simply must expand your sense of your own self-worth.

I used to (along with most of the population who still does) talk about “raising” self-worth, as if there’s only so much to go around, as if Life rationed it and those who were last in line have to grow what little they have. Well, fuck that idea. It ain’t workin’ for me no more. There’s no quota on self-worth. It’s not apportioned. There’s no divvying up or doling out of allotted amounts to anyone.

You. Me. We. All are the same boundless amount of worthy.
You already have it. You already are it. The sheer magnitude of your Self-worth already exists. So there’s none to raise, only a vast expanse of it to sense and get a sense of.

To sense is to feel and allow worthiness. Feel it stretching up and filling out to its full depth and breadth and height. Allow it to become available to you in its immeasurable entirety. The comforting and simultaneously exhilarating thing about this is that senses enhance, develop, and strengthen every time they are actively engaged. Sooooo useful, don’t you think?

Your sense of Self-worth informs your beliefs. And your beliefs inform your experiences. Let it all be grand from beginning to end.

And let it ever-expand.

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