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What have you NOT pulled off? You need to go there. (+ a simply profound worksheet to take you there & back)

It’s time to create wide open space for big blank new beginnings. And anything new requires your full participation. It requires expansion. It requires energy and presence, clarity and tenacity. None of which is readily available when your spirit is laden with unfinished business.

All your unaccomplished, unordered, unforgiven, under-the-rug stuff?
That’s what I’m talking about.

The paradox of unfinished business is that it’s already finished. It’s our attachment to the should haves, could haves, would haves, old unhealed hurts and hates, the resentments, the regret and the anger that doesn’t allow for completion. We’ll call these collectively: BAGGAGE. And your attachment to it is SELF-SABOTAGE. I don’t need to tell you that it’s probably hurting you more than it is anyone else. Each piece is a gaping hole in your soul, draining your energy, dimming your clarity and dissolving your faith. Plug them.

Participation, creation + expansion begin with completion.

So what have you NOT pulled off?

What baggage are you hauling around?
Go there. Go consciously. You’re not there as a victim. And you’re not there indefinitely.
Mourn your losses. Get closure. Make peace with your past. Do what you gotta do to put it to bed.
Create completion.
And come back lighter, clearer, and…well, complete.
Ready to lean forward into your life. Ready to leap into the NOW.

I made you this Completion Worksheet.

For baggage drops. Simple, yet potentially profound.
Get it

I have a feeling it’s going to crack you wide open + light you right up.

BIG love + lightness.

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