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You are going to doubt.

You’re hatching plans. Making progress. Navigating the course to what you want. And as you’re figuring it out, inevitably, you have to go in.

: of or pertaining to an island or islands: insular possessions
: dwelling or situated on an island
: forming an island: insular rocks
: detached; standing alone; isolated

I liken going inward to a pilgrimage; travelling to that light, pure island of your Spirit, a serene oasis of quiet rumination and ecstatic expansion. Here, you get to commune with your desires, confer with your intuition, seek advice from your angels and connect to Source as you’re journeying along your road of fulfillment. It’s your temple of stillness. The sacred ground of your Being.

I love being here. Insular.

And then… darkness comes. Dank, oppressive, unwelcome. Not always. But he puts in a regular appearance, at which point insular becomes unsafe. He closes in quickly, always flanked by some or other hounds of equally dank and unwelcome oppression. Vile creatures, the lot of them, with foul mouths and breath that defiles my temple.

Darkness likes to unleash his raging beast of self-doubt on me. His favourite play. And the one that hurts the most. Doubt can blister the walls of even the strongest fighting Spirit. He knows it. But I know that blisters heal. Like scabs form over physical wounds to protect the area from outside infection while regeneration happens underneath, so psychic wounds undergo their own kind of regenerative process. And where healthy living aids physical repair, a healthy perspective is vital for psychic repair.

I’ve endured more blisters than my Spirit should ever have had to bear, and this is what I now know to be true about doubt and soul regeneration:

You are going to doubt.

As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow morning.
As sure as you will experience love and loss.
As sure as your heart will long for more.
As sure as you will feel sure.
You are going to doubt.

As you craft the life of your dreams, there will be moments of luminous clarity and connection. And you are going to doubt. Your heart. Your skills. Your resilience. Your decisions. Your Self. You will doubt: what you want, whether you have what it takes to make it happen or whether you even deserve to have it. You’re probably doubting right now – and you know it’s holding you back. So how to get rid of it? How to vanquish doubt for good so you can get on with getting what you want?

You can’t. You don’t. Doubt is part of the deal and the duality of life.

It’s the un to certainty. It’s the curious questioner who asks the right questions, sometimes in the wrong way. And it’s a gift.

Doubt is your expansion point. It shows you where you’re not sensing your full worth.

In other words, doubt shows you where you need to expand into your worth. Twitter Bird Icon: Neshika's Tweetable

And isn’t that the whole effing gorgeous point of it all?

You are going to doubt. Breath. Keep going. And look for evidence of your worth along the way. God knows it’s there, darlin’.

xo Neshika



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