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You Are Worthy.

Beneath The Realisation of Grand Schemes + Wild Ideas: Self-Worth.

(from The Dream Extreme Experience)


You are worthy of…
:: wanting what you want. And getting it.
:: your time + time out.
:: respect + recognition.
:: as many self-signed permission slips as you need.
:: laughter, pleasure, play.
:: praise.
:: Hello, Please, Thank you, I love you.
:: beginning.
:: a second chance.
:: eye contact.
:: being here.
:: being heard – you have a unique voice and what you have to say matters.
:: being seen.
:: being loved for what is seen.
:: seeing your Self as the true, powerful being that you are.

You are worthy of your place on earth. You bring something to this planet that was never here before. YOU.

You are worthy of your dreams simply because your dreams say you are; they have chosen you. Twitter Bird Icon: Neshika's Tweetable

Your dreams are worth saying yes to. They’re worth saying no for. And you’re worthy of saying yes and no.

You are worthy.
Yes, you are.
Yes, YOU.
Right now.
This moment.
As is.

This is one of three publicly shared excerpts from material covered in The Dream Extreme Experience. The other two live here and here.


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